Septembers best facebook posts by JJG

Septembers best facebook posts by JJG

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[quote]Dr. Sanjay Gupta had a show on last night called “The Last Heart Attack”emphasizing the healing benefits of a plant based diet. In it, Dr. Dean Ornish said, “Heart attacks should be as unusual as malaria”. Instead heart disease is our #1 killer. It costs 100s of $B, not to mention lost of life. For what… so we can mindlessly consume food that is poisoning us? Simple changes create radical results. Our approach toward health must become proactive.[/quote]

[quote]One of the biggest movements designed to elevate professional performance is known as ROWE, (Results Only Work Environment) Rather than tracking time in seats, we focus on outcomes. Exercise would benefit from similar thinking. What matters is the outcomes, rather than the time invested, or repetitions and sets completed. Exercise can be far more effective than what most are experiencing.[/quote]

[quote]One of the great challenges with absolute faith is the conviction that our perspective is THE accurate perspective. This is true in religion, politics and business. When we think we know, we disallow other perspectives from informing us, leaving us mentally stagnant, defending our sacred ideas with circular logic. A sign of intellectual maturity is knowing how much we don’t know.[/quote]

[quote]Ellen Kullman, CEO of DuPont, responded that “presence” is the most vital and valuable trait in the workforce. A decade ago that idea would have been too esoteric for corporate America. Today’s speed of change amplifies the impact and importance of remaining engaged. Ability without awareness is wasted.[/quote]

[quote]Farmers know that a fertile field is a prerequisite to a healthy yield. Sadly, many business leaders misunderstand how this is analogous to ensuring their “troops” are respected, understood and empowered. Thinking we can simply incent appropriate behavior using rewards and punishment fails to acknowledge the voluntary nature of our best creative and intelligent contributions.[/quote]

[quote]What have we learned since 9/11/01. Is our lesson that fundamentalist jihadi Muslims hate America? Certainly a lesson, but, is that really the core principle, or merely an expression of the principle? I believe the bigger lesson is fundamentalist beliefs of any brand, leave no space for alternative perspectives. They diminish the desire to understand others. The consequence is increased enmity, separateness, and hatred. The exact opposite of what we need.[/quote]

[quote]There is an ultra modern convention center recently built 72 miles from the Beijing Airport. It is about 2.5 million square feet and was constructed in just 8 months. It sits adjacent to their high speed rail system, allowing attendees to get from airport to conference center in just 29 minutes. It is seriously time for us to get to work recreating American greatness. The show won’t be much fun to watch form the sidelines.[/quote]

[quote]How do we expect to sustain a thriving economy while we have been consistently falling behind the world leaders in educating our children? We are failing to produce the analytical and creative thinking skills required to innovate. Why do we expect to override the natural consequence of falling behind? Globalization and advances in IT have made being better educated than your neighbor meaningless.[/quote]

[quote]Intuition is an amazing power often neglected in decision making. That said, it is much more effective when combined with intellectual rigor. To our detriment, our society is informed by sound bites of conviction that appear to be sound, but that fall apart under scrutiny. These bites survive and spread virally because the scrutiny is missing. While news stations may thrive off the sound bite, our country will not. We can trust our gut AFTER we challenge the validity of what we hear.[/quote]

[quote]‎”There really is no debate about climate change in China…China’s leaders are mostly engineers and scientists, so they don’t waste time questioning scientific data.”- Peggy Liu, Chairwomen of the joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy- By embracing this inflection point in energy, China has captured the lead in clean energy production. I hope they will lend us money in the future so we can buy energy from them too.[/quote]

[quote]Russian citizens reportedly spent $320B on bribes. While it is easy to point our fingers at others and question their rogue forms of government, I wonder how at how small this amount is in comparison with the total dollars spent on lobbying Congress and buying politicians in our electoral process. I feel so much better that we don’t call them bribes. Bribes are bad.[/quote]