Fitness Presence

The ultimate fitness program to balance your health with the daily grind.

John Geraghty (50 of 56)

At the very core of Courageous Authenticity is wellness.

Mind and body need to be recognized in order to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Fitness is often overlooked as people go "all in" on their career goals. I've spent the past 25 years, since sobriety, working in the fitness industry, learning, applying and fine tuning what I believe to be the single most effective overall fitness program.

How can I make such a claim?

I take into consideration balance, strength, sleep, nutrition and time available.

Regardless of age or fitness ability today, I'm asking you to give me 15 minutes of your time for you.

Don't waste another day.

Take back your life, 15 minutes at a time.



This program is safe for every age and ability. I focus on efficiency - touching every muscle group in a short, focused period of time.



This isn't about controlling your diet, rather being mindful. The word diet shouldn't be referred to as something that limits your eating, but as something that describes all you eat.

John Geraghty (41 of 56)


In a society focused on as much and as often as possible, rest is not usually a part of the overall health plan.

John Geraghty (53 of 56)


In order to keep our bodies operating at a high level, balance must be a part of the daily routine. Without balance we focus too much on muscle and not enough on functionality.