The Path To Mastery

A self directed course that guides you elevate your Personal Productivity, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Organizational Greatness.


Taking You From Good to great

As leader, we face challenges that often stretch us beyond our comfort zone.  The PTM is designed to provide the tools and insights to enable you to thrive as you grow to new levels of capacity.

  • Understand and appreciate the importance and process for mastering your mindset
  • Create alignment between your actions and your highest intentions
  • Become a masterful communicator, deepening your listening and strengthening your ability advocate and influence
  • Employ your newfound skills to better align and lead your family, business, and community

This 13 month, self-lead program provides weekly videos walking you through the different levels of interaction. Learn what a victim is and how they act. Weekly worksheets help bring the teachings to a more personal level. This is the program that everyone needs to help discover their true potential.

"A friend once told me, if you question what a coach could bring to your life, then you're not ready to make changes. If you're open and excited to your potential, then a coach can help you realize your goals."

Prism of Perspective

Learn to use the levers of expectation, physiology and active awareness to create your perspective and life experience.


When there is a big enough WHY, we will always find the HOW.


Is your vision of the future clear and compelling?


Are you taking actions and making decisions that honor your values so that you can drive your life in the direction that you desire?

Scarcity vs Abundance

Learn the difference between an abundant mentality and a scarcity mentality and how they serve you.

High Functioning Teams

What steps are you taking in order to motivate individuals to achieve their team goals and to have complete ownership of their objectives?


Learn how to focus on what's really important right now while everything seems to be important (and learn what W.I.G stands for).


Discover the power of aligned influence to create lasting change.

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 "John has a level of energy that few people can harness! His passion for coaching and developing leadership make him a sought-after collaborator."

-Kari Saddler, Trainer
Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching iPEC

"John is highly skilled at helping his clients identify priorities and passions, and align plans with dreams. It is always an absolute pleasure to work with John, and the things I learned from him continually provide value. I highly recommend John."

-Skelly Holmbeck Business Manager
Next Era Energy

"Through John Geraghty’s sessions and one-on-one conference coaching, I have finally discovered who I am. There is an inner strength within myself that I never knew existed – until now. He was a very important influence when I was at a major crossroad in my life. With John’s help and advice, I was able to deal with the negative emotions, doubts and fears that I have felt during this past year. I have made the most of some bad situations, and I couldn’t have put things into perspective so easily without John helping to guide me. I am now living my life on purpose, with a new energy."

-Vicki Bruns MBA Student
University of Tampa

"Coaching with John Geraghty has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. Over the past 15 years, through many twists and turns, curve balls and home runs, John has been there to help me create, nurture and protect my family, my business and my well-being. He is the perfect trifecta of being wicked smart, empathetic and bold. He inspires me every week to go confidently in the direction of my dreams and instills in me the belief that I can be more than I ever knew. In every possible way, my life, business partnership, marriage and friendships are better because of John. He is truly the best in the business."

Katherine Forrester Schneewind, CLU, Ch

"Working with John has been a game changer for me. Not only has he helped me grow and improve my business, he's helped me to do this with less stress and more happiness because I am living by my values. He's helped me get a handle on all of the moving pieces in my life by bringing in to focus the things that matter most and I can influence. I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve and take their life to the next level of success to work with John."

Sterling White, CFP, CLU, ChFC
Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

Get Real. Get Connected. Get After It.